Greatest Hits

by Vanilla Whale

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Debut double album


released December 7, 2014

Recording: The Sound Emporium, Nashville TN & Blackbeard Recording Studios, Houston TX.
Mixed & Mastered by Mike Silva @ Blackbeard Studios
Produced by Chris "birdman" Andersen



all rights reserved


Vanilla Whale Houston, Texas

Rock & Roll band from Houston, Texas. Influences range from blues/psychedelic/classic rock/ and punk... Members include: Andy Stewart, Alex Ianuzzi, Tyler Lucas, Darr Nieuwoudt.

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Track Name: Juan DeLeon
Juan DeLeon was a southern bred son of a bitch
He ain't got a house, but he had himself some kids
Know he loves his whiskey and love his cigarettes
Juan wrote a song and it goes a little something like this

Juan got a horse that he rides across the land
lookin' for a fight, got a six shooter in each hand
Bad motherfucker, the worlds most wanted man
Juan got a gun that he shoots at any MAN


Juan DeLeon was a southern bred son of a bitch
Juan DeLeon was a southern bred son of a bitch
Juan got a guitar, some drums and a couple of sticks
Juan wrote a song and it goes a little something like this
Like this, Like this, Like this, YEAH!

Juan DeLeon!
Track Name: No Solution
I can take your paper
hang it on the wall
got one just like it
but I don't use it at all

Feeling the floor it's falling out from under you
see the eye and how it's watching over you
there's nothing to do, when delusions start becoming true

when I get up each morning
and put on all of my eyes
I know there's still one too many
it's what I need to get by

puling apart the glue illusion holds on you
don't know whats real or not can't separate the two
theres no solution, with all the light pollution, can't see through

shadows on the wall
watch them rise and fall
see them twist and turn
point of no return
Track Name: The Painter
Don't mind me I'm just fine
Utilize the soul in your mind
Come along with me on a ride
With a little bit of truth on the side

Stars are all you can see
Your feet are now the roots of a tree
Come along with me and you'll be
Shooting through the galaxy

Staring at the neon pines
Gone forever, out of your mind
Gone forever, Free forever
Gone forever, Free forever

Stare into the core of your eye
Ghosts that make a grown man cry
Temple on the side of the wall
The Boatman painted it all

Got three more than you need
Back to flying up in the trees
Oh come along with me
This is your destiny
Track Name: Hip to not care
Nobody cares about the way you look
I can read you like a comic book
try so hard to fit into your place
square in a circle, got some corners to shave

I don't think I'm getting old
I've just seen you everywhere
guess that ill just never know
when it became so hip to not care

And if I appear to be sincere
why does that make me the one who's weird
I'm not trying to be something I'm not
don't need to pretend, because I know what I've got

I don't need a trust to fall
you should be getting somewhere
figure out just what you want
and let me know when you get there

I dont wan a hear you wine and cry
living large all on your parents dime
what you say, it doesn't matter to me
irony isn't always easy to see
Track Name: Hello Hollow Town
No, they'll never find me
They might blind me
Can't win the fight, see?
But I came to write my letter

Sorrow, its gonna find her
The blood binds her
We'll start a fire
But I don't feel much better

God, I feel them coming
And I'm running
The hooves are humming
There isn't a way that I can make it out of here alive

Well I can't seem to write my letter,
To go to sleep would feel much better,
An absent god's like wind to a feather
But I don't want to end up in the hollow town cemetery

Hello! Hollow patrons, settle
And see the famous outlaw
For which his heinous crimes could make the Devil's cheeks blush

Now! he is forsaken
But not mistaken
True, he was a fast one, but the hangman's noose is tighter than the Devil's fingers

Gone because she loved me
Hollow is now below me
Gold and love have both destroyed me
Now I've lost something shorter

A life of lust is now forsaken
The greed of us is not mistaken
Now the bust of Satan's creeping
Juan may have lost his life, but not in the next one
Coming… Coming… Coming…
Track Name: Black Mamba
Oh Black Mamba
You're in trouble
Tripping Double
On your level

Oh Black Mamba
Born of sorrow
No tomorrow
He who follow

Ah Sweet Angel
Cain and Abel
Just a fable
The round table

Ah Sweet Angel
You're in trouble
Oh Black Mamba
Devil's double
Track Name: Under the Sun
Where I live
It's a little bit different than the place I'm from
open spaces burn under the sun
all in all I can't complain,
little things are still the same

Towers reaching into the sky
I can see smokestacks on the rise
there's some green and there's some blue
and best of all I still got you

And I know,
we did what we had to do to stay afloat
even though I didn't want to go
packed up and left our lives behind
ended up having a real cool time

See the country by a car
if you don't mind to drive real far
it might not be good for your health
it sure helps to find yourself
Track Name: Migaloo
Migaloo spoke to me
Most majestic creature tis of thee
Migaloo's world is free
So destructive, a human being

Migaloo, he said to me
Majestic creatures are not free
Migaloo's world's the sea
So destructive, why can't you see?

Migaloo oh Migaloo
Where are you swimming to?
Migaloo, if a whale has dreams
can a man have them too?

Migaloo sang to me
Who knew that this could be?
Music from the world above
Dive down to the ocean deep

Migaloo, just keep swimming
We'll soon find out that the deep has meaning
Set to find out the dream stream soul
But it's black from the ice-wrecked hull
Track Name: Something to Believe
I don't believe in something i can't see
I can see something moving in the trees
can I call on you to help me please?

when I'm thinking about having some fun
and I got something i should tell someone
Can you show me somewhere I can go?
Can you tell me something I should know?

A million dollars worth of "I want some"
everyone fighting for the very last crumb
help me find a path that I can stray from
wonder what its like to be so young and dumb
Track Name: She don't know
My head is buzzing from the night before
Can't quite tell how I found the door
Smells like whiskey and a woman's cologne
But I know by tonight I won't be alone

Driving all night and my eyes are low
Bloodshot beauties gone asleep on the floor
Feel a little dripping coming from my nose
And she proceeded to remove her clothes

Oh she don't know, but that's the way it goes

Making love in the bathroom stall
Now I really think that I've seen it all
My psychedelic baby has shown me the light
But the sun is coming up and it's way too bright

Ain't no woman gonna hinder me
Ain't no woman gonna set me free
Try to roll my troubles, try to be a man
But that woman's got a grip that'll break your hand
Track Name: Dead man's Bones
Ride the rails
People stare because they don't know
Gone to Hell
Blake is dead, but it don't show

Gone to Machine
Death on the streets, cold and hollow
Sullen and low
The woman lives if she don't go

Blood is lost
So is the free man running
Nobody cares
Those native men can be cunning

After his soul
Ill-informed and starting trouble
Eats a man
Doesn't care 'cause he's the Devil

Becomes a man
But it's too late Nobody can
Keep him here
Everything he holds dear
Track Name: Sleepwalker
Open my eyes again
cause I'm not sleeping
wonder why I brought you home
cause I can't keep you

when you've gone away
I'll want some more
think of something to say
then out the door

guess you're on your own
cause I'll be working
and when I get home
I'll feel you lurking

Don't need help
I know the way there
we took the ride
and it was crazy

now that you are mine
there is none better
but the back of my mind
it still festers

Ive got just one itch
that you can scratch
wait just one more time
but it don't last

you don't know
the depths I went to
in my mind
replay them through

Still sometimes
ill jump back in
Not a crime
Not a sin
Track Name: Running in Place
when I go to sleep at night
I close my eyes and see you there
when I wake up and wonder why
I remember that you never seemed to care

When i think about that day
that you went to live under the ground
I knew I had to get away
I couldn't be stuck inside that town

you say you're trapped by circumstances
I say you're running in place
All you talk about is past romances
But you never know if today could be your day

Flying so high
never figured out
how to get back down
Track Name: The Conqueror
Dead leaves on the Cosmic Tree
All have seen, and all shall be
Odin's grace falls to the knees
Call for blood to hear my pleas
Before the God leaves his throne
One must know more leaves have grown

Fall to the ground, forgive thee
Vengance is now the world I live in
Olgar will pay the price of my children
Foes will be my victim

Across the hills and through the snow
This frozen land is all I know
The fire of Gods are bleakly shown
The feats of foes are still my own

Sunk in the Earth, one nefarious foe
Swords are drawn, abandoned bows
Odin, now give me strength
The Raven calls for an iron wake

Blood drips from the blades of life
Steel and grass, the world's final fight